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Building Powerful Spaces

Solar energy advancements over the last ten years have revolutionized power for both commercial and residential properties. Cost per kilowatt hour with solar panels has decreased to the point that it makes financial sense. The return on investment is recognized within six years for most commercial properties and around ten years for residential when buying the panels, and the ROI can be immediate with financing as we have typically been able to get monthly premiums $100 below the average of what most of our clients spend on power.

Going to solar not only helps your finances, it reduces the demand on the power grid which reduces costs for others who use power from your local power company. Power costs go up during high peak times, the more people using power, the greater the cost. Power costs are lowest in the early morning hours and typically peak between noon and two.


Commercial Success to Maximize Energy Profit

Commercial properties are able to see a much quicker return on investment due to the amount of energy they need. For example, we have a client that was spending $3000 a month on electricity. They decided to finance for 12 years, at $2900 a month. Over the next twelve years, energy rates will increase, but they will still only pay $2900 a month. Once the twelve years have passed, they still have at minimum thirteen years of life left on their solar panels because of the warranty and all the energy used will be profit for the property owner.

With multi-tenant commercial properties, recovering utility costs can sometimes be a guessing game and some tenants are simply charged wrong. The way we solve this problem is with solar panels and sub-metering. This allows for people to pay for what they truly use and learn their consumption needs. The energy created by the solar panels now becomes a profit generator for the owner of the property.

Tomorrow’s Powered Homes Today

Solar panels for your home is one of the greatest investments you can make. In the past, the biggest impact on home value was redoing the kitchen, now, it’s adding solar panels with 25 year warranty’s. Unlike remodeling a room, solar panels never go out of style. Energy savings return on investment is typically around the ten year mark for most homeowners. Contact us today to see how much we can save you tomorrow.


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